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3 Month Kickstart To Health Group

A comprehensive course on how to be well for the rest of your life...

12 weeks of in-person group meetings or Zoom meetings - 8 people per group - these will be two separate groups each week. We will meet at the same time each week so please pick one or the other and commit to it - each group will end up at different phases at different times. If you miss a session you will receive a recorded recap.

1.5-2 hour meetings each week 


Each person will get a health appraisal questionnaire and 10 day diet log that they must fill out prior to group starting: 

    -you must do a 30 min in-person or over the phone session with me prior to start date to lay out goals, this is included in your payment. During our meeting you will receive your results and some personalized suggestions based on what your body needs prior to starting the group so that you have a view of your personal goals/objectives.


Everyone will get 3 personal 20 min check-in phone calls that you can schedule as desired. 


Start date is Wednesday, February 7th at 5:30pm for in person and Thursday, February 8th at 5:30pm for online

Repeating every Wednesday for in the person class and every Thursday for the online class. 


Intention: To create a community of support for learning, growing, and evolving as individuals working to achieve a collective dream. 


Who’s this for: Anyone who would like their health to drastically improve and who would like to create a lifestyle to maintain optimal well-being. 


What you will receive/learn: 

  •     information on how to sleep your best and about what may be keeping you up at night.


  •     how to detoxify your body naturally and simply 


  •     a plethora of nutrition information and how to determine the best way to eat based on what your body is asking for 


  •     how to start to recognize the signs and symptoms that it's time to make a change in any area of your life 


  •     exercises for proper structural alignment 


  •     how to do professional lymphatic drainage on yourself with your hands and no fancy tools 


  •     how to heal your gut 


  •     tips and tricks to working out without actually working out 


  •     how to hear and listen to your intuition and live your life by using your heart to feel what you know

  •     how to enter the process of individuation by healing limiting beliefs, cultural programming, formulating a personal dream and value system, and living life from our center 


  •     how to be okay with being disliked, disapproved of, and not take any of it personally 


  •     how all of our health issues start in the mind/emotions and how to spot the issue


  •     how to find out what emotion/mental stressor is driving our health issues 


  •     how to use play to heal from anything 


  •     personalized guided mediations 


  •    how to harmonize your hormones for a well-balanced life 


  •     how to put yourself first, no matter what 


  •     how to build a sustainable routine dedicated to your well-being 

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