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One year to change your life!

Commit to spending one year working together to truly change your life and heal any pain or illness that might be stopping you from being your best self. With 14 years of experience in helping people heal; I am a master of being holistic and can create a roadmap to health for you! 


What this year will bring...

  • Two 90 minute sessions per month. These will consist of body work, your exercise routine, nutrition coaching, emotional wellness coaching, and/or energy work.

  • Two 2 hour full body orthopedic assessment and gait analysis. Your first will be at the beginning and your 2nd will be 6 months in as our measurable reassessment.

  • At least 4 personalized exercise programs throughout the year. This includes your home exercises and the ones we'll do together. 

  • Ten 30 minute check-ins. You can use these as you wish and they can be in person or over the phone. Use for questions, resolve a moment of crisis, body needs some love, squeeze in a quick 30 min workout in, whatever may come up!

  • One pantry review, clean-out, and educate. This will be at the beginning and will be the big learning about nutrition and what food habits may be inhibiting your health. This will be about 2 hours.

  • One trip to the grocery store together! Create new habits in identifying organic produce, reading sneaky labels, and knowing the difference between meat/egg/dairy choices. Don't worry...we won't skip the skin health/beauty aisles, toilet paper/paper towels, and cleaning supplies! If it touches your body, you should care about it! 

  • One plant medicine intensive day long session. This can be anywhere from 4-6 hours. 

  • Open invitation to text me with any quick questions as needed.

Call me to ask questions! 305-304-9475

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