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Alyssa Sawyer is a Florida native with a degree in Exercise Science/ Human Performance. Between cadaver studies and movement labs she competed on the cross country team where she did a lot of her self study to figure out her injuries and how to improve her performance mentally, emotionally, and physically. 


Alyssa went on to become a certified strength and conditioning specialist as well as deepening her studies though the C.H.E.K. practitioner program, adding the holistic approach to the body as a focus. She has spent years studying various manual body alignment techniques, such as: osteopathic pumping and gentle myofascial release techniques, lymphatic drainage therapy, and techniques that align the tissue systems of the brain. 


All this knowledge gets tied together with her certifications in Energy Healing and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching to guide people on their journey to the truth of themselves and proper alignment in all areas that are supportive of a heathy life. Alyssa is highly intuitive and will lovingly create each session based on the personal needs/ desires of the client. Whether she is taking the client through a gym routine, talking about nutrition, healing the gut, or clearing the body of pain in a body work session you will find love and support in her hands.

“How much of the currently reality that you are living in is still working for you? What are you willing to face and surrender in order to reach your dreams?.

~Coach Sawyer

Exercise Therapy/Personal Training 

Not your average "personal training". They key to life long healing is learning how to align your own body! I create an exercise and fascial stretching  program tailored to your bodies specific needs. We work together until you feel centered in your own body awareness and progress until you have reached your optimal state of feeling aligned.

Lymphatic Drainage


Lets improve the flow of the water ways of your body. This leads to improved digestion, clearer skin, better sleep, improved detoxification, hormonal balance, and a calmer emotional state. For woman specifically~ a clearer lymphatic system creates cyst free breast tissue, improved menstrual cycles, and improved fertility. 

Group ELDOA classes!
Nutrition and Life Coaching

On Sundays we align our spines, decompress our joints, and stretch out fascia! Just show up to TigerATX, Sundays at 11am. $20 away from sleeping better, having less pain, and feeling energized. 

How do you feel? Emotionally, Mentally, & Spiritually? Did you know that becoming best friends with your ego can lead you down the road to your best Self? Are your eating habits working for you? Your diet has a huge impact on your overall wellbeing. Allow me to guide you on the journey on releasing what is no longer working for you. I invite you to love yourself enough to allow your deepest desires be set free and become the driving force in all areas of your life! 

Body Work

New client full body/mind assessment 

The power of touch is so connecting~brings us into deeper awareness of our own body and what's going on below the surface. In our sessions together we will connect to your bodies needs and address these with a combination of approaches, including: fascial mobilization, joint pumping, lymph drainage, massage, and ligament stretching. You will leave with drastic changes in your mind & body in the direction of healing. 

We will find out the origin of your pain and create a healing approach tailored to your needs! Gathering a full history: nutrition, injuries, emotional stressors, physical postural assessment, length/tension relationship measurements of the body, strength tests, and paperwork overview.  


From this information I will write your detailed exercise/nutrition/ lifestyle program to be gone over in the following appointment.  



Tel: 305-304-9475

Address: Tiger ATX ~ 7401 Old Bee Caves Rd. Austin, TX 78735

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