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Coach Alyssa is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University where she

did extensive research in Sports and Exercise Science's, focusing on osteopathic techniques and overall mind and body wellness while remaining a cross-country standout and running the Boston Marathon.

The same team that put Tiger Woods back on the circuit to win another title took Coach Alyssa under their wing throughout her graduate studies at the CHEK Institute. She has integrated a combination of different approaches by becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, CHEK Practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Chikley Insitute~Lymph Drainage Therapy and SOMA Therapist.  


Coach Alyssa believes intuitive movement is a prerequisite to any individuals overall health that begins with learning how to regulate your mental, emotional, and physical body through breath, diet, optimal rest, and reprogramming our minds to be more of your true Self. This passion comes from consideration for what it means to be a centered leader each day by remaining physically and emotionally pain free. 

“How much of the currently reality that you are living in is still working for you? What are you willing to face and surrender in order to reach your dreams?.

~Coach Sawyer

Exercise Therapy

Not your average "personal training". They key to life long healing is learning how to align your own body! I create an exercise and fascial stretching program tailored to your bodies specific needs. We work together until you feel centered in your own body awareness and progress until you have reached your optimal state of feeling aligned.

Integrated Manual Therapy

The power of touch is so connecting~brings us into deeper awareness of our own body and what's going on below the surface. In our sessions together we will connect to your bodies needs and address these with a combination of approaches, including: fascial mobilization, joint pumping, lymph drainage, massage, and ligament stretching. You will leave with drastic changes in your mind & body in the direction of healing. 

Nutrition Coaching & Kitchen Clean-out

Organic nutrition is the foundation for a healthy body. Over the years I have found the most challenging part of most peoples journey to health is aligning with what and how to eat~ the information on this subject is so highly saturated! To teach you how to meet your own needs, let me get it started for you~ kinda like starting an apple for a friend! Together we will come up with a plan that is metabolically suited to your optimal wellness goals so you can experience what true nutrition feels like in your body. We will clean out your kitchen, teach you how to shop for healthier alternatives, send you recipes and ideas, & work together to make sure your body is responding we'll to your new approach! 

Life Coaching!

How do you feel? Emotionally, Mentally, & Spiritually? Did you know that becoming best friends with your ego can lead you down the road to your best Self? Allow me to guide you on the journey on releasing what is no longer working for you. I invite you to love yourself enough to allow your deepest desires be set free and become the driving force in all areas of your life! 


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